Longtime Telemundo Exec Captures ‘Combate’ Title

A Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports and multimedia entertainment company finding success by targeting Hispanics has turned to a media industry veteran and former Telemundo executive to serve as its new President.
Taking the role at Combate Americas is Jacqueline Hernandez. She will be based in New York and reports to founder and CEO Campbell McLaren.
“Jackie is well-positioned to take Combate Americas into a rapidly changing media landscape,” McLaren said. “She is the undisputed champion of Hispanic millennials and Gen- Z marketing. Her leadership skills are world-class. It is a true honor to welcome her into La Jaula.”
Hernandez, working in tandem with McLaren, will oversee the entire business apparatus and P&L of Combate Americas. She will be responsible for driving the company’s continued global expansion, expanding multi-platform distribution channels and geographic regions for the company’s growth plan, negotiating media rights and developing a world-class MMA Sports & Entertainment enterprise and brand name.
“The intersection of cultures and new identities around the world – including the U.S. – has propelled today’s young generations to be rule breakers, culture benders and trendsetters,” Hernandez said. “I’m excited and honored to join Campbell and the Combate Americas team because we are committed to ensuring new generations see themselves reflected in its fandom. Our audiences and the heroes who bring our franchise to life are the spirit of Combate.”
Hernandez has held the roles of Chief Marketing Officer of NBCUniversal Hispanic Enterprises; Chief Operating Officer of Telemundo Enterprises; and Publisher of People en Español and Teen People.
Most recently, Hernandez was President and Founder of the strategic consulting firm, The M²Z Group, where she took on Combate Americas as her first client.
Handling PR for Combate Americas is Michelle Alban, the former VP/Corporate Communications and Public Affairs for NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.  Alban now serves as CEO of Lima Charlie Communications, her own Lighthouse Point, Fla., based PR shop.

Local Sports Talent Heads To Russia For Telemundo

A team of local station journalists from Telemundo O&Os in six top Hispanic DMAs are packing their bags, grabbing their passports, and practicing how to say Доброе утро just right.

Talent from Telemundo Station Group stations in Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the Rio Grande Valley are flying to Russia along with talent from Telemundo’s national news bureaus in Washington, D.C. and Miami to cover the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

A total of 12 sports and news anchors, photographers and producers are making the trip, making it the largest Telemundo junket ever to cover an international sporting event.

Telemundo Station Group President Manuel Martinez said, “Thanks to the innovations we have made to our station’s digital and mobile products, we’re excited to bring the World Cup excitement to soccer fans everywhere through our multi-platform coverage. Whether you’re at home watching the games on your TV or a livestream of the matches on our station apps during your commute, our stations will help fans everywhere feel like they’re in Russia living every World Cup moment.”

Special local shows and segments like “Acceso Rusia” (Russia Access), “Hoy En Rusia” (Today in Russia), and “Recorriendo Rusia” (Traveling Through Russia) will be produced for Telemundo’s stations from Russia.

This will be complimented with distinctive local digital content like interactive games, score cards and the ability to watch live games from Telemundo owned station apps.

“Working closely with our partners at the Telemundo Station Group, Telemundo Deportes will provide the most complete and authentic coverage of the World Cup in Spanish language exclusively,” said Telemundo Deportes President Ray Warren. “We hope our viewers will join us for the entire journey from June 14 through the Final game on July 15.

The station group’s on-air team includes WSNS sports anchor Rodrigo Arana, WSCV news anchor Adriana Delgado, KXTX sports anchor Erik Mora, KVEA sports anchor Alejandro Navarro and KTMD sports anchor Ubaldo Martinez.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will take place from June 14 to July 15, 2018.

Follow the Telemundo Station Group’s on-air anchor team as they report from the 2018 World Cup @AranaRoa@ADelgadoT51@ErikMoraTV,@AnavarroT52, and @UbaldoKTMD.

ESPN Deportes Snags U.S. Rights To Super Bowl LII

The National Football League and CBS have reached an agreement with ESPN Deportes to televise Super Bowl LIII in Spanish.

This is the second Super Bowl telecast for ESPN Deportes and comes on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019 at 6pm Eastern, live from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. In 2016, ESPN Deportes televised Super Bowl 50.

The big score adds to the network’s presentation of weekly Monday Night Football games in Spanish throughout the NFL regular season, airing of one Wild Card Playoff game, and studio shows NFL Live and NFL Esta Noche.

“As the broadcaster of Super Bowl LIII, it was important for us to find a Spanish-language partner to reach the NFL’s Hispanic fan base on the biggest day in television,” said CBS Sports EVP/Programming Dan Weinberg. “The presentation on ESPN will be a great complement to our broadcast on CBS.”

ESPN Deportes VP/GM Freddy Rolón added, “The Super Bowl is one of the biggest and most anticipated sporting events of the year and we are proud to serve as the Spanish-language media partner thanks to this agreement with the NFL and CBS.  Carrying Super Bowl LIII will be the perfect way for us to cap the NFL season, which will also include our presentation of the Mexico City MNF game and our plans to provide an ESPN2 MNF Spanish-language simulcast during the first nine weeks of the season.”

ESPN Deportes’ Monday Night Football commentator team of Álvaro Martín (play-by-play), former NFL kicker and Super Bowl champion Raul Allegre (analyst), and sideline reporter John Sutcliffe will helm the Super Bowl telecast.

What about ESPN Deportes Radio? It’s in the game — and will broadcast the Super Bowl for the fourth consecutive year as part of a separate agreement with the NFL.

2018 Hispanic TV Upfront Report Now Available For Free Download

HispanicAd in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2018 Hispanic TV Upront Report.

To view and download  CLICK HERE.


By Adam R Jacobson, Publisher, Hispanic Market Overview

Many years ago, as an editor for the now-defunct music industry trade publication Radio & Records (R&R), I created a Special Report focused on what still safely called “Oldies” music, along with Classic Rock, as it applied to radio stations swiftly loosing ad dollars due to an aging audience. There was also this thing called the internet, and satellite radio services such as Sirius and XM.

Could Oldies or Classic Rock survive the 2000s? One did, one didn’t.

The theme of this report was “Roll With the Changes,” the title of an REO Speedwagon song one hardly ever hears on Classic Rock radio anymore.

This theme weaves perfectly with the state of the U.S. television industry today. There are many, many changes unfolding each and every day, and the question some in the media industry may be asking themselves and their team is this: What’s next, and what
do we do?

For all of the talk of television being in its second Golden Age, television is also at a critical junction in its life as a primary and dominant delivery vehicle for visual entertainment.

Until 2017, Hispanic television was largely protected from the troubles brewing for its English-language brethren on both the broadcast and cable sides of the TV business. Today, it has been shoved onto the Video Entertainment Cyclone that rides up and down faster and bumpier than that rickety old rollercoaster down in Coney Island.

Is Hispanic television now imperiled, ready to be cast aside for digitally driven “over the top” (OTT) choices and social media galore?

You know the answer. And, hopefully, it is being loudly delivered the week of May 14, 2018, as the TV industry’s Upfronts once again take place across midtown Manhattan.

But … why is Hispanic TV’s future still as bright as ever? Five years ago, this publication was distributed by both HispanicAd.com and Broadcasting & Cable magazine. Today, B&C/Multichannel News no longer publishes a monthly Hispanic Television Update, effective December 2016. The 2013 edition included features on Nuvo TV, Tr3s, and MundoFox. All three networks are defunct, with Tr3s in the U.S. now its Latin American feed. Lavish events in New York from Discovery U.S. Hispanic are now a thing of the past, too.

Meanwhile, Telemundo conducted an excellent pre-Upfront presentation to the press via video webinar from its gleaming new Doral, Fla., facility on May 10; it no longer has its own Upfront event and instead is rolled in to all of NBCUniversal’s networks.
Univision conducted a bilingual conference call that included newly minted President of Televisa Studios Patricio Wills; the company is the last to offer a Hispanic-exclusive Upfront Week event.

A newly invigorated Azteca América released its Upfront information one month ago. ESPN Deportes’ Upfront is now rolled in to the main ESPN presentation scheduled for May 15; network representatives declined to share new programming details prior to our deadline.

Thus, this is the not the end of Hispanic television’s “epoca de oro.” Rather, this is simply the end of the Upfront dog-and- pony show as we knew it.

Even so, Hispanic media must be cognizant of the new challenges presented in particular by Netflix. As of this writing, two Spanish-language television shows are capturing Latino subscribers. One, from Spain’s TVE, is El Ministerio del Tiempo, a family-friendly offering that pairs three unlikely individuals from different eras in Spain’s history as time-traveling sleuths working for the Ministry of Time in Madrid. The other is La Casa de Papel, an Antenna 3 suspense drama from Spain, told in real time, about a money heist of a Euro printing facility by a group of misfit criminals led by a mastermind
known as “The Professor.” It’s a smash hit in countries including Argentina and Turkey, with a theme song that has charted in each of these nations. Netflix recently confirmed that it has given the green light to a third season.

The style of these shows can’t be found on Univision, or Telemundo — although the new fall programming slate includes some very intriguing programming. Telemundo has an ambitious take on a popular German series that could easily be found on Netflix,
based on the trailers. Univision, for its part, is encouraging “family-friendly programming” while taking a swipe at its competitors for hopping aboard the Narcotrén and hyperfocusing on a genre of programming that may be too adult for younger audiences.

For the Hispanic TV network, the Upfronts are still vital. But, gatherings in New York across three hectic days full of alcohol, hors d’oeuvres, and hopscotching around midtown are simply no longer necessary. Road shows are more effective. Telling the entire story of how Hispanics view English-language TV, and how they still need
Spanish-language TV, is essential.

This is the reality of Hispanic TV in 2019, and for the next several years, as disruption leads to destruction. You don’t want to hear it, but we have no fear in telling you the truth. Broadcast TV will remain exceptionally strong in the years to come, thanks to
ATSC 3.0 – the next-gen digital broadcast standard the FCC recently approved for voluntary implementation. An NBC affiliate in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., is the guinea pig for this rollout, which promises better sound and picture-window broadcasts. Attendees
of the 2017 NAB Show and 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas saw first-hand what this technology will bring to viewers. It’s astounding.

And, it doesn’t require cable. In any metropolitan area, one can simply become a cord-cutter and buy a $25 digital TV antenna at Best Buy. That’s great news for Telemundo, Univision, Azteca América, and Liberman Broadcasting’s Estrella TV, in addition to SBS’s Mega TV, Meruelo Media’s KWHY-22 in Los Angeles, and the America CV operation in Miami.

It’s not-so- great news for the 70-odd cable television channels that continue their quest for Hispanic audiences in the U.S. Will MVPDs deep-discount their “Latino tier” subscription packages in order to retain subscribers and continue to attract new customers? Or, will some cable networks simply shut down as relics of a prior world
without digitally delivered choices one can access in the palm of their hand – and not on a stationary TV mounted to a wall in a particular room?

There is one solution that makes sense, and it is one that Hispanic advertising agencies and multicultural marketing managers have been preaching for the last several years. It is simple: Hispanic TV must be relevant and resonant.

We’ve talked ad nauseum about ads needing to be reflective of the product or service’s target audience. But, there’s been nary a word about the programming being reflective of the audience.

With an abundance of content available and NATPE Miami growing into one of the most important conferences and expos for the global television industry – one where the buying and selling of program rights is a highlight – Hispanic TV must follow the advice
that multicultural marketers and brand managers have digested. Spanish-language TV has a home in the hogar because it is a unique culture play.

And, believe it or not, language matters. In 2011, Mintel reports focused on U.S. Hispanic consumers repeatedly noted that, even in English-dominant homes, the use of Spanish could still be found. Why? Because these homes were English-dominant, not

Seven years later, we kindly remind our readers that this is probably truer today. As Hispanic population growth is fed by U.S. births, not by immigration, there will be growth in English-language use. Millennials still dominate marketers’ conversations (even
though they don’t spend as much as those with an AARP card, but that’s an argument for Madison Avenue).

Our point here: Yeah, Hispanic kids are growing up using lots of English. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t using Spanish, or consuming at least one show in their lengua patria.

This is why Hispanic TV has a future.

The road it takes to keep it relevant and resonant is up to them.


2018 Hispanic TV Upfront Guide Presented by HispanicAd.com

Here Come The Judges: 2018 HispanicAd C.A.P.E. Awards

HispanicAd  in association with the Culture Marketing Council (CMC) has revealed the judges for the 2018 Culture Account Planning Excellence Awards.

Honors for best in each category will be bestowed at the CMC annual conference in Los Angeles in June 46, 2018.

This year’s judges are:

  •     Marta Insua – VP Strategic Insights  – ALMA DDB
  •     Monica Merel – Senior Specialist – Multicultural Marketing & Brand Strategy –  Walgreens
  •     Paco Olavarrieta – Chief Creative Officer –  d’ exposito and partners
  •     Victor Paredes – Director of Strategic Planning – WING
  •     Aldo Quevedo – Principal / Creative Director – Richards/Lerma

Victor Paredes of Wing is the President of this year’s Jury.

HispanicAd and CMC thanks the following executives for helping to reevaluate the competition rules and categories:

  •     Sergio Alcocer – Founder at Rest Of The World
  •     Gustavo Foldvari – Group Planning Director – Lopez Negrete Communications
  •     Marta Insua – VP Strategic Insights  – ALMA DDB

For more information on how to participate in this year’s competition, CLICK HERE.

For more information on this year’s conference CLICK HERE.

A Blacker Choice For Univision

Liz Blacker, a Hispanic marketing and advertising industry veteran who exited as EVP Of Hispanic Strategy And Sales at iHeartMedia in April 2017, has joined Univision Communications as SVP of Branded Content Revenue.

She will be based in New York and report to Lisa Valentino, EVP of Revenue Innovation.

Blacker will be responsible for all aspects of UCI’s Branded Content Revenue and Experiential Studio with a primary focus on driving new and incremental revenue for the company. This also includes oversight of all branded content revenue efforts across the company.

“UCI always seeks out those extraordinary storytellers that help round out diverse portfolio, and as such, I am proud to welcome Liz to our team” said Valentino. “A visionary executive who has a firm grasp on today’s evolving digital industry, we look forward to having her aboard to help drive both new and incremental revenue for UCI.”

Additionally, Blacker will assemble and lead a fully functioning studio team across creative and production services, sales strategy, insights and project management.

“UCI is changing the way brands engage with U.S. Hispanics and I am pleased to join a dynamic team that houses such an extensive portfolio of brands,” said Blacker. “I look forward to helping expand on the Company’s broad client offerings through experiential, creative, and new partnerships that amplify our clients’ experiences and go far beyond traditional advertising.”

At iHeartMedia, Blacker was responsible for building a new division focused on a “Total Market” cross-language, bi-cultural audience while building new products and revenue streams across platforms for national and local sales teams. She also led multicultural trade and industry efforts for iHeartMedia and built an extensive virtual national and local sales team with multicultural market experts across digital, radio, branded content and experiential events.

Blacker joined iHeart in August 2014 after serving as Chief Revenue Officer of Terra USA.

She has also been publisher of Vista magazine under impreMedia ownership, and was an executive director at Yahoo! for the U.S. Hispanic market from 2001-2005.

Daisy Inducted Into Advertising Hall of Fame

Daisy Expósito-Ulla, Chairman/CEO of d expósito & Partners, was inducted into the 69th Annual Advertising Hall of Fame at a Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremony on Tuesday (4/24) at Cipriani Wall Street in New York.

The AAF Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by America’s Advertising Industry and it recognizes the most accomplished and legendary figures in advertising.

During the ceremony, a highlight video presented the achievements of Daisy, a pioneer and a recognized authority in multicultural marketing and brand communications. (view the career highlight video at https://vimeo.com/266304540/9ed990a5e5 )

Besides having received numerous industry and creative awards (Clio, Effie, Addy, ADCOLOR Lifetime Achievement Award among others), she is consistently acknowledged as one of the Most Influential Latinos in the U.S.A. Her participation on boards includes the Ad Council, the AEF, and the 4A’s Foundation and she is a founding member of AHAA (The Association of Hispanic Ad Agencies) now known as Culture Marketing Council and served as its president.

She received the award from Cesar Conde, Chairman, NBCUniversal International Group and NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.

Among her enormous contributions to the betterment of society outside her professional career, she has worked tirelessly to support the people and causes she cares deeply about.

At the gala ceremony dinner, she also accepted the David Bell Award for Industry Service, awarded to recognize extraordinary and unique contributions and service to the advertising community and industry as a whole. The award is named in honor of David Bell (Hall of Fame Class of 2007), a visionary leader and mentor to several generations of advertising professionals.

Daisy has been widely recognized as a pivotal architect of the Hispanic Market in the United States. Her pioneering efforts for the industry started at an early age when the market was significantly smaller from what it is today.

“I’m so honored to be included among this distinguished group inducted into the AAF Hall of Fame,” she said. “This is indeed the highest honor I have ever received in my 40-year career. I share it with my partners, team and family who have always supported me and helped make the achievements possible.”

Daisy concluded her acceptance speech by remarking, “I’ll say this: I am an immigrant. I am a product of Brand America. And so, I would be remiss if I were to accept this induction at this time in our history without emphasizing the importance of keeping the spirit of this generous country alive.”


View the video of Daisy’s acceptance remarks at https://vimeo.com/266814580/1c747e1187 .

View the video of Cesar Conde and David Bell presentation and remarks at https://vimeo.com/266814464/976e6af992



AccuWeather Network’s Español Appeal

AccuWeather is making a big play for Hispanic consumers by welcoming new additions to its team of broadcasters and journalists who know a little bit about el clima and prognósticos.

Karuska Matos-Horta and Marvin Gomez have joined the network as bilingual TV weather broadcasters from Puerto Rico and Guatemala, respectively, sharing real-time weather forecasts and updates to English- and Spanish-speaking viewers.

Jonathan Petramala, who joined the network as a bilingual weather news reporter, will produce innovative, unique stories from locations where severe weather is occurring, live in the field.

AccuWeather is a provider of forecasts for Spanish-language audiences of apps, web and mobile sites, newspapers, radio groups, and TV stations in the U.S. and Mexico and throughout South America.

“We seek out talented experts who can best reach our viewers and let them know that AccuWeather cares about how impactful the weather can be on their everyday lives, for a more personalized experience,” said John Dokes, General Manager of AccuWeather Network and AccuWeather Chief Marketing Officer. “Karuska, Marvin and Jonathan’s skills in forecast analysis and in-the-field weather reporting, in both television and digital platforms, will continue to elevate AccuWeather’s service to its viewers, keeping them safe and better prepared.”

Gomez and Matos-Horta  joined the AccuWeather Network in January 2018.

Petramala came on board in February 2018.

D.C. Gets Its ‘Deportes’, Thanks To Entercom

Entercom, the radio broadcasting company that’s widely known across the business as a lover of sports programming, is bringing some “deportes” to Hispanic sports fans across the National Capital Region.

Now on the air is “El Zol Deportes,” based at WJFK-AM 1580 and on 107.9 HD-2 (WLZL-FM) in Washington, D.C.

El Zol Deportes features a mix of locally produced and nationally syndicated sports-talk programming from ESPN Deportes Radio, as well as a full slate of live Spanish-language play-by-play.

The brand is an extension of Latin Urban/Tropical hybrid “El Zol 107.9,” which CBS Radio signed on at 99.1 MHz several years ago.

 “Sports are an integral part of the Washington D.C. Spanish-speaking community and we are excited to fill this void by offering the only Spanish-language sports brand in the metro are,” said Steve Swenson, SVP/Market Manager for Entercom/ Washington D.C. “By leveraging our existing sports brands and relationships, El Zol Deportes will offer the most compelling play-by-play to serve the community and our local partners.”

Live play-by-play includes the Major League Soccer Game of the Week as well as major international soccer leagues such as UEFA, Liga MX and FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

In addition, the station will offer Spanish play-by-play of ESPN’s Monday Night Football, Major League Baseball and the NBA playoffs.

The new El Zol Deportes will also feature the locally produced “Deportes al Día con Rey Parker,” airing weekdays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

“El Zol Deportes” will also partner with co-owned WJFK-FM 106.7 “The Fan.”

from The Adam R Jacobson Multicultural Consultancy