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Third Edition of ‘Hispanic CMO’ Report Set For October

Hispanic Media Sales, Inc., publishers of HispanicAd.com, will publish the third edition of the highly successful and sought after Hispanic CMO.

We will be adding more “Thought Leadership” once again to this year’s edition.  We will interview the Top Hispanic CMOs with dedicated budgets and resources targeting the US Hispanic Consumer.

Gilbert Davila, a recognized and admired Hispanic Market expert, will curate the supplement.  Adam R Jacobson,publisher of the annual Hispanic Market Overview since 2010 and a U.S. Hispanic media expert will conduct the interviews and write the supplement.

The 2016 Hispanic CMO will tackle the key issues of the year:

  • How to measure effective and efficient ROI in the US Hispanic Market
  • Total Market and it’s positive and negative potential
  • Organizational Structure, both on the client and ad agency side to handle Total Market

The 2016 Hispanic CMO will be published on October 10, 2016 during the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference:

  • The supplement will be FREE to readers and is published digital to ensure additional pass along.
  • HispanicAd.com will promote heavily.
  • The 2015 Hispanic CMO published in November 2015 has delivered +7,000 download to date.
  • To read the 2015 edition CLICK HERE.


Participating Sponsor – 1 FP Hispanic CMO showcase section  – $3,500 net

For more information contact:

Gene Bryan at gbryan@hispanicad.com or 917-854-1706


Can Multicultural Agencies Be The Best ‘Relationship Shops’?


HMO BACKtalk – The Chat Spot For Multicultural Marketers and Advertisers

On April 5, advertising industry executives received a jolting wake-up call that no matter how “solid” their relationship may be with a long-term client, a split could nevertheless happen.

After 46 years with Twin Cities-based shop Haworth Marketing & Media, Target Corp. confirmed that it was shifting its media and planning business—valued at $686.3 million—to WPP-owned GroupM.

The news resonated strongly with such key multicultural agency heads as Alex Lopez Negrete, of Lopez Negrete Communications.

But, journalists at Advertising Age covering the story neglected to rewind the clock to early 2011. That’s when Target Corp. sent a break-up notice to 50-person Minneapolis-based independent agency Peterson Milla Hooks (PMH). For Target, it was simply a consolidation move, with the work shifting to Wieden + Kennedy.

For PMH President Tom Nowack, it was a jarring jolt.

“We were fired,” Nowack told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in an April 2013 interview. “We weren’t bitter, but it was difficult. It was a long relationship that we were really proud of and loved. Almost all of our [agency] income was from Target. It was a devastating blow.”

Recovery, or collapse, from the loss of a major client is a fact of life for advertising agency executives and their employees.

But, what if an agency were to take control of the relationship, steering a path with miles ahead while serving as the trusted, needed and necessary partner committed to brand growth and strong ROI?

That’s an opportunity multicultural shops should immediately capitalize on.

As a key “Relationship Shop,” the agency that can expertly guide a brand manager or CMO on a successful total market campaign wins. By taking the lead, and not direction, it also sends the message that the “multicultural marketer” is simply a segment marketer embedded in an American mainstream that will continue to evolve and embrace different heritages, races and cultural touchpoints.

Are any Hispanic advertising agencies already succeeding as a “Relationship Shop”?

Are any agencies losing the battle between client and agency, with the flow of directives coming in a one-way direction?

With fragile relationships in place and dollars the bottom line, perhaps a one-way flow of activity is better than none.

It’s not. It’s a dangerous route that puts talent in peril of job loss.

Take the lead. Make the suggestions. Offer ideas. Inspire your client.

Do this every day.

This could stop you from thinking about the horrors of losing your biggest client and start thinking about how important your team is to them, now and for always.




Coming Monday: Hispanic Market Overview 2016

hmo2013  “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.”


Those are the opening lyrics to Adele’s multiplatform smash hit “Hello.”

Advertising executives active in the U.S. Hispanic market who seek growth in 2016 and 2017 may be leaving that very voicemail and sending that very line via e-mail to potential clients that have had potential since Friends left the airwaves—and have yet to engage Latinos in Spanish-language media.

Then there are the regular players: the media, the agencies and the clients we always talk about.

But there’s so much more to be said. Only, who’s talking? If they are talking, what are they saying?

“It’s soft.”

That’s great if I’m buying a pillow. But, we’re talking about the fragile U.S. Hispanic market—one that has seen agencies shutter, and scant new major brands who’ve opted to speak to an important consumer group in Spanish.

These are concerning times, and the 2016 Hispanic Market Overview, presented by Lopez Negrete Communications, promises to provide readers with information, insight, statistics, commentary, and real-world remarks on how things really are.

With an uncertain economy—again—and the upcoming presidential election, we promise to put on our reading glasses and put Total Focus’ on everything keeping you up and night, and everything keeping the lights on and the paychecks from bouncing.

Gain ‘Total Focus’ by downloading the seventh annual Hispanic Market Overview state-of-the-industry report, produced by veteran Hispanic market analyst and journalist Adam R Jacobson, from Monday at Noon CET/6am ET/3am ET and Midnight, Hawaiian Time. This report is distributed exclusively by HispanicAd.com and presented by Lopez Negrete Communications.


Azteca América
d’expósito & Partners
ESPN Deportes
Fox Deportes
La Agencia de Orcí
Telemundo (NBCUniversal Hispanic Enterprises)
Anita Grace

For more information on sales opportunities for the 2016 Upfront Guide and 2016 Hispanic CMO report, contact Gene Bryan at 917-854-1706 or via e-mail at gbryan@hispanicad.com

For editorial opportunities, contact Adam Jacobson at 954-417-5146 or at adam@adamrjacobson.com

Hispanic Market Overview 2016, presented by Lopez Negrete Communications
builds on the insights and observations provided each business day in HispanicAd.com and in the October 2015 Hispanic CMO Thought Leadership report.

Now Available For Download: 2015 Hispanic CMO Thought Leaders Report

The Adam R Jacobson Consultancy, publisher of HispanicMarketOverview.com, in partnership with Dávila Multicultural Insights of Encino, Calif. and HispanicAd.com, the U.S. Hispanic advertising and marketing industry’s most widely read and trusted media and information source, is pleased to announce the release of its second annual Hispanic CMO Thought Leadership Report.

The report, distributed exclusively by HispanicAd, honors the top Hispanic market “thought leaders”–marketing professionals who have been singled out as widely respected leaders who oversee a recognized multicultural or U.S. Hispanic program for a leading corporation with demonstrated subject matter expertise, out of the box thinking and strong leadership skills reflected both internally and across the entire U.S. Hispanic market landscape.

“Last year’s report was a resounding success,” says Gilbert Dávila, president and CEO of Dávila Multicultural Insights. “With the competition for the selection so tight, we decided to once again conduct a search and highlight the impressive contributions to the Hispanic market by corporate executives throughout the nation.”

This year’s Top Hispanic Market Thought Leaders were curated a team of U.S. Hispanic market professionals which curated the list for Dávila.

The report’s release is concurrent to the 2015 ANA Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Conference at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach, Fla., which kicked off yesterday with a standing-room-capacity crowd hearing key insights on how to develop total market strategies from Mariela Ure, Senior Vice President of Consumer Segments Strategy at Wells Fargo.

Editorial content for the report is being managed by Adam R Jacobson, publisher of the annual Hispanic Market Overview reports and editor of Multichannel News’ monthly “Hispanic Television Update” B2B newsletter.

In addition to profiles of this year’s top Thought Leaders, this special digitally distributed report will include a State of the Industry report on total market strategies and activities related to U.S. Hispanic advertising, digital vs. traditional ad spend in the U.S. Hispanic market, and the impact of millennials on U.S. Hispanic marketing and advertising.

The report also includes coverage of ahaa: The Voice of Hispanic Advertising’s 20th anniversary celebration, held concurrent to the inauguration of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History exhibit on the history of advertising in the U.S. The exhibit includes the history of U.S. Hispanic advertising thanks to the efforts of Ernest Bromley, Tony Dieste and industry advocacy organization ahaa, all of who have organized the donation of classic advertisements and other collateral for the permanent exhibit on the Mall in Washington, DC.



For 2016 advertising solutions and partnership opportunities, please contact Gene Bryan at gbryan@hispanicad.com



AHAA Study: Hispanic Percentage of Ad Dollars Rises To 8.5%

If you believe AHAA, the Hispanic market is on fire.

Total U.S. Hispanic advertising dollars from Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies and retailers in 2014 were $2 billion–up from $1.2 billion in 2010.

The 67% jump means that the U.S. Hispanic market now attracts 10.7% of total U.S. ad expenditures from CPGs/retailers.

That’s a meteoric rise from the 5.4% seen in 2008, according to data shared Tuesday in an online presentation from Santiago Solutions Group Chief Strategist Carlos Santiago, who serves as chair of the AHAA research committee.

The CPG/retailer numbers are just the tip of the iceberg: A look at the top 500 advertisers allocating dollars to the U.S. Hispanic market provides some highly positive news. Every company spending dollars on Hispanic creative (for all categories — not just CPG/retailers) is largely responsible for the jump in dollars allocated to Hispanic media.

In 2014, some $7.1 billion went to Hispanic advertising, a 61% climb from $4.4 billion in 2010. As a result, the U.S. Hispanic market now attracts 8.5% of all ad expenditures.

photo 1













Overall ad spending for the top 500 advertising hit $83.1 billion–a new high.

Yet, the seemingly fantastic news came just days after Hispanic advertising industry pioneer Ernest Bromley announced his retirement, effectively shutting San Antonio-based agency Bromley.

And while Hispanic advertising agency veteran Antonio Ruiz should be jumping for joy, his elation may be tempered. Ruiz in September 2011 infamously attacked statistics showing that the U.S. Hispanic market attracted 4.5% of all ad dollars — something he called “disgusting.”

At the time, Ruiz was Director of Communications at New York-based Vidal Partnership. Vidal’s Gotham office is now part of a multi-city multicultural shop dubbed Commonground/MGS. Ruiz departed approximately six weeks ago.

Additionally, market observers indicate to the Adam R Jacobson Consultancy that the first half of 2015 was slow, and that the second half of 2015 will eventually pick up but perhaps not until Q4 and into 2016.

Furthermore, 2014 was likely significantly impacted by the FIFA World Cup and an inflow of political dollars. When subtracting these dollars, thus looking at Like-to-Like comparisons, was the Hispanic market really flat–thus accounting for the seemingly soft start to 2015?

Hispanic Percentage Up As Total Market Activity Dips

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Santiago’s presentation is that overall non-Hispanic CPG/retailer ad spending decreased 7% between 2010 and 2014, to $17.1 billion. This is still higher than 2008 ($16.1 billion) and compares to $17.2 billion in 2006.

Total CPG/retailer ad spending in 2014 stands at $19.1 billion, some $500 million lower than in 2010.

photo 2

With all of the discussion on “total market dollars” and its high relevance to marketers and media buyers seeking to reach all Hispanics, the picture of the state of U.S. Hispanic marketing and advertising may be murkier than what Santiago suggests. Programmatic may also be impacting overall ad dollars, with “premium” real-time buying driving up rates for internet and digital media but attracting dollars away from pricier traditional media opportunities.

Thus, dollars are shuffling — and the overall state of advertising is still highly questionable.

Still, Santiago believes there is a direct and positive relationship between 2014 CPG/retailers share of ad spend dedicated to Hispanic media and their topline revenue growth.

photo 4

With the top 500 companies in the driver’s seat, it remains to be seen if they will continue to set the pace for not only U.S. Hispanic ad dollars but total market budgets as well. As digital grows and the prevalence of English as a preferred media language increases among U.S. Hispanics, even with the highly anticipated Initial Public Offering of Univision stock, questions will remain for the long-term health and stability of the U.S. Hispanic advertising and marketing world.


La Prensa, Excélsior Newspapers Return To Inland Empire, OC

The following is a press release related to material contained in the 2015 Hispanic Market Overview. To view the report, please visit http://reports.hispanicad.com/reports/HMO-2015/

SANTA ANA and RIVERSIDE, CALIF. – May 1, 2015 – To actively engage and better serve the 3.3 million Latinos that live and work in Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties, Freedom News Group is reintroducing its weekly Spanish-language UNIDOS newspaper as two distinctly local editions – La Prensa and Excélsior – starting today.

La Prensa, founded in 1999, concentrates on news and information specific to Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Excelsior, founded in 1992, focuses on Orange County. The two newspapers had previously been combined and renamed as UNIDOS in March 2014.

Both newspapers also cover topics of general interest to the Latino community, and are closely integrated with Freedom News Group’s daily newspapers, The Press-Enterprise and The Orange County Register.

Additionally, the newspapers will also launch local websites on ocexcelsior.com and laprensaca.com websites this summer, leveraging a mobile-friendly platform that delivers market-specific content and location-based advertising.

Total Friday circulation for the two newspapers is 170,000. La Prensa distributes 95,000 copies in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, and the eastern tip of Los Angeles County. Excélsior distributes 75,000 copies in Orange County.

The evolution is a direct result of feedback from readers and advertisers, who had developed strong affinities and recognition for the newspapers under their original names, said Orlando Ramirez, Publisher of La Prensa and Excélsior.

“Together La Prensa and Excélsior have a combined history of nearly 40 years, and have played important roles in the Latino community,” Ramirez said. “By re-launching these brands, we honor our history and renew our commitment to the growing Latino markets in the Inland Empire and Orange County.”

Ramirez, a 33-year journalism veteran in Southern California, will be hosting Meet the Publisher events with Latino leaders at the newspapers’ offices to explain how they can be more actively involved and engaged with their local newspapers.

Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties are among the most desirable in the nation for reaching Hispanics with expendable income and buying power. When combined, the three counties rank as the second largest Latino community in the nation based on population.

Section-specific, run-of-paper and insert advertising is available in both newspapers. Insert ads may be targeted to north and south zones in Orange County, or one of six geographic zones to reach Riverside or San Bernardino counties.

Both papers are distributed across nearly 3,000 rack and retail locations. Distribution is audited, and focuses on Hispanic-dominant communities and locations where multigenerational Hispanics live, work, shop and play. They include Latino grocers, family and children’s clothing stores, restaurants, coffee shops, toy stores, electronics retailers, beauty salons and entertainment venues.

Each award-winning newspaper contains the following three sections:

•Noticias: Spotlights news, business developments and newsmakers on a local, regional, national and international level – with a special focus on Latin America where readers have deep roots and family connections;

•Deportes: From the Mexican and European leagues soccer, as well as MLS soccer to upcoming boxing matches, MLB, NBA and NFL, Deportes covers the the major league teams as well as local fútbol club leagues triumphing on the neighborhood fields.

•NEXT: The section appeals to bilingual and multigenerational Hispanics who love all things entertainment – celebrity news, movie and music event listings and reviews, a gossip column, nightlife, fashion, trending topics on Twitter, top 10 lists and crossword puzzles. A robust list of events will also be included in the section, to offer suggestions on things to do and places to go throughout the weekend and coming week.

Hispanic Market Overview 2015 Now Available For Marketers To Get ‘Back To Basics’

Sixth annual Hispanic Market Overview state-of-the-industry report now available.

Presented by Lopez Negrete Communications




Produced by Adam R Jacobson with exclusive distribution from HispanicAd.com

hmo2013Hispanic Market Overview 2015 builds on the insights and observations provided each business day in HispanicAd.com and in the November 2014 Hispanic CMO Thought Leadership report.

Hispanic Market Overview 2015, presented by Lopez Negrete Communications, is a  detailed overview of the state of U.S. Hispanic marketing and advertising, delivered complimentary via digital download in a new easy-to-use flipbook format. Get the facts, thoughts, ideas and knowledge to propel your company’s multicultural outreach.

MAIN TOPICS: A Focus On the Fundamentals: Why targeting Hispanic millennials means retaining–and growing–your Spanish-language media buys; Hispanic media and the “OTT” opportunity; The overall state of Hispanic advertising: data overview and analysis; economic outlook and visibility

AUDIENCE: Client-side marketers, advertisers and brand managers; Hispanic media (TV/Radio/Print/Digital/Social platforms); Media buyers and planners.

CIRCULATION: HispanicAd.com eBlasts to more than 25,000 unique industry professionals, linking readers to download page at HispanicAd.com. Bonus promotion at AdamRJacobson.com, including full Google SEO platform, Twitter, LinkedIn and press release distribution to U.S. consumer and business media.

To download your copy, click here: http://reports.hispanicad.com/reports/HMO-2015/

The U.S. Hispanic Internet Audience and Content Consumption Habits

An executive summary of user demographics and audience engagement in key category channels


An exclusive analysis of the U.S. Hispanic internet audience, courtesy of Hispanic On Demand, this complimentary report offers a comprehensive look at how Latinos use the internet and how your brand can grow by taking the smartest approach to connecting with this influential and increasingly important consumer group.


According to comScore data from April 2014, more than 31.2 million U.S. Hispanics use the internet. This number will continue to increase exponentially, thanks to increased internet access from wireless devices effectively erasing the so-called “digital divide” seen between Hispanics and non-Hispanics.


Among the key findings:












There are also breakout sections on these key content categories.


To download this report, click here.


All analysis based on comScore April 2014 data.


Executive Summary prepared for Hispanic On Demand
Principal Analysis: The Adam R Jacobson Editorial Services and Research Consultancy

Hispanic Media Ad Expenditures Tumble For Radio, Rise For TV In Q1

According to Kantar Media, Spanish-language television continues to enjoy robust advertising growth.

However, what Kantar defines as “Hispanic Local Radio” experienced a significant year-over-year dip–a worrying sign in a volatile market for Spanish-language and Hispanic-targeted AM and FM broadcasters.

Spanish Language TV soared 18.0 percent in Q1 2014, compared to Q1 2013, primarily from gains at broadcast networks, Kantar reported today. The category includes four undisclosed Spanish-language broadcast networks, four Spanish-language cable networks, and 77 local broadcast channels targeting Spanish speakers.

At the same time, “Hispanic Local Radio” stations–reflecting Spanish-language stations in 24 markets–were down 10.8 percent. The decline is being blamed on lower spending from retailers, auto dealers and restaurant categories. It is the first time Kantar has provided a specific look at Hispanic radio in its quarterly ad expenditure reports.

Total advertising expenditures increased 5.7 percent in Q1 2014, to $34.9 billion, Kantar Media notes.

Every measured type of television had expenditure increases in Q1 2014, compared to Q1 2013. Call it the Olympics Effect.

“The Winter Olympics delivered its expected windfall in the first quarter, adding about $600 million of incremental ad spending to the marketplace. But the nature of the event is that this money is narrowly distributed and doesn’t benefit all sectors of the market,” said Jon Swallen, Chief Research Officer at Kantar Media North America. “Subtracting the Olympics’ contribution, the growth rate for remaining expenditures was just under four percent.”

Overall results for the radio industry were mixed: National Spot Radio was up 6.7 percent, driven by a larger number of brands using the medium. But local radio, reflected by Kantar as only English-language stations, suffered an ad expenditure decline of 4.7 percent. 


As noted in the EPMG-distributed Hispanic Print Overview 2014, produced by The Adam R Jacobson Editorial Services & Research Consultancy, Hispanic print media has fared strongly compared to English-language print media–notably newspapers–with respect to ad growth.

This is reflected in Kantar’s latest data, which show year-over-year ad expenditures for Spanish-language newspapers statistically flat (+0.2) in Q1. By comparison, all print newspaper media experienced a 5% year-over-year ad expenditure drop in the quarter.

Similarly, Hispanic magazines–led by People en Español and Vandidades–experienced a strong 15.8 percent ad expenditures gain in Q1 ’14, compared to the same period a year ago. Overall, magazines saw a 1.6 percent decline in ad revenue during the period. The bottom line totals were skewed by severe reductions from the two largest magazine advertisers (Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal), who account for more than ten percent of total spending for all magazines, regardless of language.


According to local advertising research firm BIA/Kelsey, the No. 1 Hispanic radio station by estimated revenue in FY 2013 is Univision Radio’s gold-based Spanish Adult Contemporary KLVE-FM “Radio Amor” in Los Angeles. The station accounted for $31.2 million in estimated revenue during the year.

Close behind at No. 2 is another L.A. radio station—Liberman’s regional Mexican KBUE-FM “Qué Buena,” with estimated billing of $27.3 million. Three L.A.-based radio stations can be found in the top five, with SBS’s KLAX-FM “La Raza” ranked seventh nationally with an estimated $20.3 million in revenue.

Univision stations dominate the top 10, while SBS takes three of the spots. But SBS dominates in New York, as Univision’s WXNY-FM and WADO-AM are not among the nation’s top 10 Hispanic stations by billing.

Top 10 radio stations by estimated annual billing estimates

 Call Letters Format Market

Market Rank

Owner Revenue (in 000s)
KLVE Spanish AC Los Angeles, CA




KBUE Reg. Mexican Los Angeles, CA




WSKQ Tropical New York, NY




KLTN Reg. Mexican Houston, TX




KSCA Reg. Mexican AC Los Angeles, CA




WOJO Reg. Mexican Chicago, IL




KLAX Reg. Mexican Los Angeles, CA




WAMR Spanish Cont. Miami, FL




WPAT Spanish Cont. New York, NY




WEPN Spanish Sports New York, NY


ESPN Deportes Radio


Source: Media Access Pro™, BIA/Kelsey, 2013