‘The Reopening of Hispanic Marketing’: HMO 2020 Available For Free Download

Eleven years ago, the very first Hispanic Market Overview was released. It looked like a high school term paper, but included an abundance of highly valued information, including fresh insights on market demographics for the top Hispanic DMAs. That very first annual report was born with a simple premise — to tell the tale of the U.S. Hispanic consumer in a way that was easy to read, compelling to act on, and served as a “Marketing 101” for companies that hadn’t yet targeted the Latino consumer in the U.S.

 The report included ad expenditures, and a prognosis for where Hispanic media was heading in 2010. Fast-forward a decade. Yes, this annual report is as sleek as ever, and much of the population data is absent, as there are excellent online resources one can visit for this information. Yet, the Hispanic market is stagnant. In fact, it may be regressing, rather than progressing. There are many reasons for this, which are discussed across the 2020 edition of the Hispanic Market Overview. But, perhaps Lopez Negrete Communications President/CEO Alex López Negrete says it best: At some point the narrative was twisted … and we need to untwist it.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. “Culture marketing” is nice. But, Hispanic marketing — led by Hispanics — is what is needed and has fallen into the background over the last several years. As our nation “reopens,” the time is now for the “reopening of Hispanic marketing.”

With that premise, the 2020 edition of the annual Hispanic Market Overview state-of-the-industry report is now available, as always via a free download thanks to our presenting sponsor, López Negrete Communications, and contributing sponsorships from Omnicom shop ALMA, d expósito & Partners, Estrella Media, Telemundo, and Spanish Broadcasting System.

This year’s report includes interviews with key industry executives, including:

  • Alex López Negrete – López Negrete Communications
  • Tony Hernandez – Immigrant Archive Project
  • Joe Bernard – NGL Collective
  • Santiago Negre – owner/operator, McDonald’s
  • Luis Miguel Messianu – ALMA
  • Daisy Expósito-Ulla – d expósito & Partners
  • Liz Castells-Heard – INFUSION
  • Albert Rodriguez – Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS)
  • Jason Hall – Estrella Media
  • Steve Mandala – Univision Communications

You’ll also find updates from Discovery U.S. Hispanic and from the ANA and AIMM.



As always, we thank our sponsors for making this a FREE report, and for our partners at HispanicAd.com for ensuring industry-wide distribution of our annual report.

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