Digital and social media growth has opened up a whole new world of connectivity opportunities. And, as has been said many times by CMOs and brand managers over the last several years, multicultural audiences – namely, Hispanics – are smack dab in the middle of this information and entertainment delivery-device revolution.

It’s a safe bet that Hispanic consumers are far from complacent, and continue to be pacesetters with respect to technology’s embrace. The “content journey” available to Hispanic consumers as of spring 2019 is unlike any previously seen. There’s TV and radio, in both Spanish and English. There are myriad digital choices, and social media platforms tapping in to this content distribution expansion. Print still plays some role, for sure. But it is the online, on-the-go a tu mano, a tu lado access that is driving Hispanic America – and reshaping all U.S. media consumption in the process.

Understanding digital media consumption — and the use of social media — by U.S. Hispanics is pertinent for business growth in the next decade. The 2019 Hispanic Social Marketing Report is designed to be your source for what marketers and respected Hispanic marketing and advertising leaders have to say about the current environment — and what may need to change.

Those interviewed in this report, produced by Adam R Jacobson exclusively for, include:

Peter Blacker, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises

Steve Mandala, Univision Communications

Liz Castells-Heard, Infusion by Castells

Alex López Negrete, López Negrete Communications

Armando Guerrero, Ntooitive

Pablo Abreu, d expósito & partners

Marina Filippelli, Orcí

The 2019 Hispanic Social Marketing Report also includes articles focused on key takeaways from the latest Nielsen Total Audience Report and Deloitte’s 13th Digital Media Trends Report.


To view and download,  CLICK HERE.

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