Estrella Media’s ‘Luces, Camara, Adicción’ Podcast Readies For Debut

Estrella Media, the Spanish-language media company based in Burbank, Calif., will launch the weekly podcast series, Luces, Camara, Adicción, hosted by Pepe Garza (Head of Content Development and A&R for Estrella Media Music Entertainment, Judge for Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento), on Friday, October 7 on the Estrella Media YouTube Channel.

The nine-week series will focus on the stories surrounding some of the greatest artists and athletes who succumbed to the excess and addiction of fame and have lived to share their stories. Garza, a member of the recovery community, hosts these intimate and telling one-on-one interviews in the podcast.

To view the podcast, click here.

“This podcast shares the stories of some fascinating artists, athletes and actors – as well as my own – and our rise to the top of our fields, only to be toppled by the demons of addiction,” said Garza. “We explore how they found their voices, and the challenges of fame. Through the podcast and these stories, I hope to remind us all that addictions are never really cured, they are only controlled.”

Episode schedule includes:

Episode one (Friday, October 7) Regional Mexican Singer/Songwriter Pancho Barraza – This episode illustrates a successful career that was overshadowed by addiction to substances that could have ended his career and his life.

Episode two (Friday, October 14) Singer Jorge Medina – Success, fame, and bad decisions led Jorge Medina to go through the labyrinths of life where many enter, but very few leave.

Episode three (Friday, October 21) Actor Mauricio Ochmann (Amarte Asi) – He dangerously combined substances with his acting career, believing that he could control them, until he found himself immersed in a world from which he could not escape.

Episode four (Friday, October 28) Actor Armando Araiza – After creating an incredible acting career, Armando Araiza fell into the net of alcoholism, from which he emerged as one of the leaders in the recovery community as well as enjoying a flourishing acting career.

Episode five (Friday, November 4) Former Mexican Soccer Player Cesar Andrade (Atlas) – After destroying his career and his body in a DUI related car accident, Cesar Andrade, a soccer player for Atlas – a legendary club in the Mexican first division – fell into depression, which led him down a long road to alcohol dependence.

Episode six (Friday, November 11) Singer Abraham Vázquez – Abraham Vázquez, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico, left an addiction rehabilitation center to become the new promise of Regional Mexican music.

Episode seven (Friday, November 18) Pepe Garza –With 29 years of recovery, Pepe Garza tells us how he started drinking as a teenage boy, following cultural norms and using it to overcome his shyness. He fell into dependence on alcohol, and when he hit rock bottom, he sought help because he knew that he could not get out of the hell of drug and alcohol addiction by himself.

Episode eight (Friday, November 25) Boxer Alfonso Gómez (“The Contender”) – Alfonso Gómez can brag about fighting legendary boxers, including Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Miguel Ángel Cotto, but everything he built during his 15-year career was thrown away because of the perils that come with fame: negative friendships, ego, and vices.

Episode nine (Friday, December 2) Encore of the ‘best of’ moments

To watch and listen to Luces, Camara, Adicción click here.

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