Is Diversity ‘Overrated’? The 2021 Hispanic Market Overview Tackles This and More!

Ascending From Within

When it came time to go to press with the 11th edition of the annual Hispanic Market Overview state-of-the-industry report, our introductory piece had gone through an extensive rewrite. Twice. It had already veered significantly from the early sketch of what we sought to address, and publish.

Why? We connected our thoughts with those of key multicultural marketing and advertising experts, and engaged in meaningful dialogue to assure that Hispanic Market Overview was sending the proper message to its readers.

That message today is clear: The success of the U.S. Hispanic market — its content creators, its consumer connectivity platforms, its collective voice — requires creation from within. It cannot be driven by outside voices.

It takes more. And, that’s what the Hispanic specialists at advertising agencies who live and breathe Latino culture do best.

When speaking for this year’s HMO with Lili Gil Valleta, she questioned if diversity is “overrated.” Wow … Someone had the guts to tackle a touchy, politically charged subject with no fear.

We then spoke with highly respected Hispanic advertising professionals who offered their views on whether or not Hispanic consumers were being overlooked by marketers, or if the media were simply hyperfocused on African American needs, due to the newsmaking events of the last year and a half.

Hispanic marketing and advertising executives were joined by representatives of the leading Hispanic media companies. All of their commentary appears exclusively in the latest edition of Hispanic Market Overview, presented by López Negrete Communications.

Our 11th annual report is meant to educate, and inform. We are not here to scold, or point fingers. We are not here to judge if it is right or wrong. We are here so that the CMOs that need to approve the creative understand — and do the right thing.

This has been the mission of Hispanic Market Overview since its 2010 creation: to provide those seeking to learn more about the U.S. Hispanic market with the insight, observation and tools necessary to invest and grow in the Latino community with their goods and services.

The numbers don’t lie. U.S. Hispanics are dominant. They have the power to influence, and to empower the next generation of leaders. It’s a theme we can all agree on.

Who will light this path? With a united voice, complete with unique ideas and demonstrating that, our leaders can collectively demonstrate that while we are multicultural experts and fountains of culture, we are Hispanic at our foundation.

DEI is important. Activism matters. But, at the end of the day, the Hispanic story is incomplete without demonstrating the power and dominance of a group of Americans proud of where their heritage lies, and where their future flows.



Since 2010, this annual report is available at no cost, thanks to our sponsorship partners.

The 2021 edition of Hispanic Market Overview is produced with the support of ALMA, Infusion by Castells, Estrella Media, CNN en Español, d expósito & Partners, López Negrete Communications, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) and

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