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EPMG360 ‘Hispanic Print Overview’ Shows Healthy Trends For Spanish-language Dailies, Weeklies

SAN DIEGO – February 27, 2014 – EPMG today has released a comprehensive state of the industry report–“Hispanic Print Overview 2014”–produced by The Adam R Jacobson Editorial Services and Research Consultancy.

Offering a detailed review of Hispanic newspapers in the U.S., this report is available exclusively from EPMG via its blog:


Inside this white paper:

  • Apples and Oranges: General market print vs. Hispanic print
  • Inside the Hispanic print media consumer
  • Hispanic print reader and English-language daily consumption
  • Spanish-language newspaper consumption in the top DMAs
  • Exclusive data from the EPMG/Nielsen Hispanic Intercept Study


Among the study’s key findings:

• Total market print revenue has slid from a peak of $49.4 million in 2005 to $22.3

million in 2012; online dollars now comprise 15% of total revenue


• Growth in online ad revenue has occurred slowly, and has failed to

effectively replace the severe decline in overall print advertising revenue, which

is now just 45% of what it was in 2006. For 2012 the ratio was roughly 15

print dollars lost for every digital dollar gained—worse than the 10:1 ratio

seen in 2011


• More than 75% of overall print classified revenue has been lost since 2000 and is

now below $5 billion, from nearly $20 billion in 2000


• Paid obituaries and legal notices are the lone print advertising categories

that have retained their strength between 2000 and 2012. Automotive,

real estate, and employer recruitment classified ad revenue have

moderated their free fall, but without any sign of a recovery


While these figures are rather bleak, Hispanic print media is downright thriving.  The 47 Hispanic newspapers measured by Kantar Media enjoyed a 1.4% increase in year-over-year measured ad spending during the period.

“Newspapers are the red-headed stepchild of the media world,” says Jacobson, who as a journalist has written for Vista magazine and the Miami Herald. “Total-market newspapers including The New York Times are having a very hard time balancing quality, relevant journalism with advertising declines, rising subscription costs and a plethora of alternative news sources. Hispanic newspapers, however, are quite healthy and in some markets thriving thanks to their unique ability to deliver both news and marketing messages not found in other media. Spanish-language and bilingual newspapers are the print media’s shining stars, and marketing executives must be made fully aware of the ROI potential from the use of Hispanic print media to truly achieve brand growth and increased sales.”


For more details and to download this report, please visit www.epmg360.com.

Top Hispanic Market Execs Talk ‘Total Market’ In HISPANIC MARKET OVERVIEW 2014

Is all of the endless chatter about “total market” total BS?

Is the advertising and marketing industry’s infatuation with millennials completely daft, since these consumers are more likely to have crappy jobs and far less money to spend on anything when compared to their parents and grandparents?

Is it time for the author of Hispanic Market Overview, presented by Lopez Negrete Communications, to say “So long and -30-” because Hispanic marketing and advertising has peaked and is starting its slow, painful slide downward?

“Um, I think not,” says Adam R Jacobson, a veteran Hispanic market media strategist who serves as the author and publisher of the renowned Hispanic Market Overview report. “Yet there’s an endless array of chatter about how marketers and advertisers need to fully understand “total market approaches” — whatever the heck they are.”

In the fifth edition of Hispanic Market Overview, the question of “what is ‘total market’  and how does the marketer best tackle this in their buying and planning and Hispanic executions?” is fully probed by some of the top executives in the Hispanic market today.

We also examine the coveted Latino millennial, and why they are important as influencers and are social media leaders.

At the same time, we look at how the Hispanic consumer  is at the forefront of swift changes in how we consume media, and why the debate of ‘Hispanic’ versus ‘Spanish-language’ needs to be put to rest once and for all.

Hispanic Market Overview, now available via PDF download exclusively from HispanicAd.com, features discussions with these top names:

Alex Lopez Negrete, President/CEO, Lopez Negrete Communications

Ingrid Otero-Smart, President/CEO, Casanova Pendrill

Daisy Exposito-Ulla, head of d exposito & Partners

Liz Castells-Heard, head of Castells & Asociados

Manuel Machado, CEO and co-chairman, MGSCOMM

Keith Turner, President of Ad Sales & Marketing, Univision

Tom Maney, EVP/Ad Sales, Fox Hispanic Media

Mike Rosen, EVP/Ad Sales, Telemundo Media

Lino Garcia, General Manager and John Fitzgerald, Vice President, Sales at ESPN Deportes

Carlos Martinez, president, Conill

Natalie Boden, President, Managing Director, BodenPR

Horacio Gavilan, Exec. Director, ahaa

Dr. Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D, Director, Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, Florida State University

Vanessa Lizama, Client Development Director and Soizic Sacrez, Director of Marketing, Terra

Stacie de Armas, Nielsen Audio

Additionally, the fifth annual Hispanic Market Overview for the first time will feature Hispanic consumer data from Experian Marketing Services, further elevating the value of this annual white paper. Among the topics we examine: “Where should marketers invest, in terms of mobile dollars, to best reach Latino consumers?”

This year’s report will also offer readers the opportunity to download the recently released Hispanic Print Overview, prepared by Adam R Jacobson via exclusive arrangement with EPMG of San Diego, CA as the industry’s most in-depth newspaper and digital news media White Paper.

“The U.S. Hispanic market has evolved at lightning speed, and having the knowledge and insights about where the Hispanic market truly is today is imperative for any marketer that truly seeks to capitalize on the most influential consumer group in North America,” says Jacobson, who has served as a multicultural analyst at Mintel and as a senior editor at Hispanic Market Weekly. “This report is designed to provide a singular authoritative source for CMOs and C-level executives that are ever-scrutinizing their budgets while tackling how to best reach the Latino consumer through total market approaches that incorporate the Hispanic millennial. Yes, everyone is talking about the millennial and the ‘total market,’ but these are important subjects to discuss because that discussion is what needs to drive additional dollars to the U.S. Hispanic market.”

To download Hispanic Market Overview. please visit HispanicAd.com or click here: http://hispanicad.com/sites/default/files/hmo/HMO2014.pdf

Note: The PDF file is very big and does not open on iPad or iPhone devices, nor on select smartphones.