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Gain Seeks To Grow Its Hispanic Dominance With Web Novela

Procter & Gamble Co.’s Gain brand of laundry detergents and dish soaps—a dominant brand among Hispanic consumers—has launched its first online novela in a bid to further grow its share of Latinos.

Dubbed “Aroma de Amor,” the web-only Spanish-language novela seeks to connect with consumers while entertaining them with original content, the company notes. Featuring love, friendship, and royalty wrapped into a storyline that puts Gain front and center, the novela features actors Melvin Cabrera, Gabriela Vergara, Fernanda Romero, and Angie Russian.

The first episode will debut Wednesday, May 8, on the Gain YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/Gain). Four episodes of “Aroma de Amor” will air during May.


San Antonio Mayor: Lone Star Look Yields America’s Face of Tomorrow

The second day of the three-day ahaa conference in Miami Beach, Fla. started off on a political note, as Democratic San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro suggested that attendees look to Texas to gain a peek at what the rest of the U.S. will eventually look like in the coming years.


Commenting that San Antonio is a city with a history of Latino inclusion, Castro said, “Look at the Texas of today, and you’ll see the America of tomorrow. Texas represents the new face of the American Dream.” He added that if, as the old saying goes, if you could make it in New York you could make it anywhere, the 21st century will see that scenario shift from the Big Apple to the nation’s largest Hispanic metropolitan areas.


Castro also said America is in its “golden years” with respect to political opportunities for the Latino community. Although Hispanics still have a tremendous amount of challenges with respect to finances and educational attainment, the 2012 presidential election served as a “special, defining moment for the Latino community in the U.S. For the first time Latinos could fundamentally change the trajectory of a campaign.”


Meanwhile, the arrival of English-language Hispanic media such as Fusion, the forthcoming cable television network from Univision and ABC News, will mean all political communication will be more bilingual and, thus, more Latino-centric. “The consequence is that there will be an increase in participants in our democracy,” he says.


Balancing out the political discussion was former U.S. Treasury Secretary Rosario Marin, a Mexico native who came north as a young child and achieved things she never thought she’d attain. Striving for such goals is something she wishes for others, and believes that the Republican Party offers the best policies for allowing Hispanics to get there.


“It’s all about the opportunity, and I think we have a greater opportunity in the Republican Party than we do in the Democratic Party, and I’m afraid that Latinos will lose sight of that and end up like African Americans, where 90% of the community votes Democrat,” Marin said. “With African Americans unemployment is worse than Hispanics, and wealth is on the decline at a worse rate than with Hispanics.”


However Marin realizes that the GOP has a tough task on its hands in convincing Latinos to support Republican candidates and its legislative efforts. “The Republican Party has learned … and will learn how to reach members of the Hispanic community.”


In other ahaa sessions, a roundtable discussion featuring AARP SVP of Multicultural Markets Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, Viacom SVP Nancy Tellet and d exposito & partners’ Leo Olper on the purchasing power of Hispanic boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials featured several key findings that counters much of the conventional wisdom that is commonplace in Hispanic marketing. HispanicAd publisher Gene Bryan offers his commentary on the session’s findings at El Blog.


AHAA 2013: Sorrell Sends ‘Em Tweeting As Conference Starts With A Splash

“If everyone understood it, it wouldn’t be an opportunity.”


Those words, said about the U.S. Hispanic market by WPP Group CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, were tweeted Monday by dozens of attendees at the start of the annual ahaa conference in Miami Beach, Fla.

The event, billed Thinking Under The Influence, kicked off with a keynote address from Sorrell in which growth from Latin America was singled out as the driver of global growth for WPP, which has grown in the last decade to become the goliath of the advertising world.


“This is the decade of Latin America,” noted Sorrell, who called WPP’s activity in the region the most vibrant part of the company’s business—despite challenges in Brazil associated with current President Dilma Rousseff. Specifically, Sorrell noted that the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will propel activities in Brazil.


The confab, held in conjunction with FIAP and Circulo Creativo, also featured a first-day session on the blurring lines between Hispanic and mainstream creative and messaging from draftFCB director of strategic planning Ken Muench and Lopez Negrete Communications head Alex Lopez Negrete. Starting their sessions with simulated tequila shots, Muench noted that “we’re coming to an interesting merge point” on acculturation and Hispanicity. He added that multicultural influences account for nearly a third of all new words added to American English dictionaries, and that the multicultural population is setting “a cultural tone for this country.”


Alex Lopez Negrete added that two new things have been seen by Hispanic advertising agencies such as his in recent years. First is the number of channels available for marketers to reach the totality of the U.S. Hispanic market. Second is the client’s appetite for reaching the Hispanic market, which is more voracious than ever.


Lopez Negrete also took time to defend the independent Hispanic advertising agency, saying that such an entity has “far more freedom to do what is necessary and do what needs to be done” to properly evolve and best serve its clients’ multicultural marketing needs. A wholly owned general-market agency, on the contrary, cannot properly devote the right amount of resources to accomplish this task, he believes.


In a “CMO Chat” focused on his company’s delivery platforms and content choices, DishLATINO VP Alfredo Rodriguez noted that its lowest-ever churn for Hispanic consumers was seen in 2012 and that 10% of its 50 million subscribers are Hispanic. The percentage is growing, Rodriguez says, as 17% of total activations last year were from Hispanic customers.


A second CMO Chat put beer brand Tecate in the spotlight, as Heineken USA VP/Marketing Felix Palau got attendees talking about the company’s shift to creative that was humorous, slightly irreverent—and created in Mexico, rather than by a U.S. Hispanic shop. Palau also admitted that its limited marketing budget led the brand to focus much of its national efforts on Spanish-language network television but that local efforts allowed the brand to target English-speaking consumers, with spot television, radio, and digital in the mix.


A look at marketing campaigns from P&G and Hispanic agency of record Conill for Tide and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese as part of ahaa’s partnership with Effie Worldwide concluded the day’s sessions, while the night culminated with well-attended cocktail receptions sponsored by Vme, Digilant, and the IAB.


‘Crack Your Consumer’s Code’ With Market Insights and Observations In Hispanic Market Overview 2013

Annual report, presented by López Negrete Communications, now available from HispanicAd.com

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Hispanic market media strategist and veteran journalist Adam R Jacobson, in association with HispanicAd.com, has released the 2013 edition of Hispanic Market Overview, presented by López Negrete Communications.

This downloadable  and easy-to-digest report, produced as a PDF for advertising, marketing, social media, and PR professionals who seek to increase their ROI by increasing their multicultural efforts, features insightful information and discussions of the key issues facing Hispanic media, advertising agencies, and marketing and advertising professionals.

Hispanic Market Overview, presented by López Negrete Communications is produced exclusively for HispanicAd.com, the Hispanic market’s leading advertising and media news and information site.

“This year’s report will build on the previous three editions of Hispanic Market Overview by offering a richer look at the rapid embrace of digital, social and mobile platforms by multicultural media and marketers,” says Jacobson, who launched Hispanic Market Overview in 2010 after a lengthy career as a journalist focused on Hispanic marketing and media. “Hispanic Market Overview, presented by López Negrete Communications is designed to provide the highest level of insight and observations from many of the Hispanic marketing and media world’s key players themselves.”

The 2013 edition of Hispanic Market Overview, presented by López Negrete Communications, features interviews with Acento CEO Roberto Orcí, López Negrete Communications CEO Alex López Negrete, Alma Chief Creative Officer Luis Miguel Messianu, Richards/Lerma principals Aldo Quevedo and Pete Lerma, Fox Hispanic Media chief marketing officer Oswald Mendez and EVP/Sales Tom Maney, Univision Communications EVP/advertising sales Steve Mandala, Telemundo SVP/Sales Joe Bernard, Discovery Networks US Hispanic GM Ivan Bargueiras, NuvoTV SVP/Ad Sales Craig Geller and programming head Bill Hilary, People en Español publisher Monique Manso, DishLATINO  VP/Marketing Alfredo Rodriguez, Digilant head of multicultural initiatives Rafael Hernandez, Batanga Media VP/Marketing Natalia Borges, ESPN Deportes VP/Programming and Business Units Freddie Rolon and GM Lino Garcia, Fox Deportes GM Vincent Cordero, Radio Ink chairman/publisher B. Eric Rhoads, and research expert Carlos Viramontes.

The 2013 edition of Hispanic Market Overview, presented by López Negrete Communications, focuses on the following topics:

* The importance of research in guiding marketing, programming and sales at Hispanic media and Hispanic advertising agencies.

* The cross-platform convergence and the importance of digital, social, and mobile media in the U.S. Hispanic market.

* Top advertisers in Hispanic magazines and Hispanic websites, according to Media Economics Group.

* Ad spending trends in Hispanic media, according to Kantar Media.

* Population statistics and trends from Census 2010 and Pew Hispanic Center analysis.

To request a copy of this report, please contact us at adam@adamrjacobson.com