Fire TV Gets Hemisphere’s Spanish-language FAST Offerings

Hemisphere Media Group‘s TODO CINE; TODO NOVELAS, Más Pasiones; and WAPA+ have been added to the Fire TV Channels lineup of free ad-supported television (FAST) offerings.

The FAST channels en español are available in the category of that name within the Fire TV Channels platform.

TODO CINE offers viewers a mix of Spanish-language major motion pictures and original films.

TODO NOVELAS, Más Pasiones superserves drama and telenovela enthusiasts and includes content such as Brazilian Biblical epic Moisés y los Diez Mandamientos and Turkish dramedy Dulce Mentira.

WAPA+ is an extension of HMG’s WAPA-4 in San Juan and the WAPA channel serving Puerto Rican consumers across the mainland U.S.

Hemisphere Media Group President/CEO Alan Sokol said, “We are excited to launch our best-in-class FAST channels on Fire TV Channels. Our channels deliver compelling movies, series, and news and informational content that has a proven track record of success and represents a unique offering unavailable elsewhere. We are proud to be the go-to for premium content that resonates with the fast-growing segments of the Hispanic audience that are underserved by traditional content providers. The launch of TODO CINE; TODO NOVELAS, Más Pasiones; and WAPA+ on Fire TV Channels will enhance the viewing experience for millions of users, offering a wide range of entertainment options tailored to the preferences of the diverse U.S. Hispanic community.”

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