Biden Challenger In 2024 Launches Spanish Social Media

A longshot political candidate who is once again running for President of the United States has launched a Latino-focused social media effort designed to share the campaign’s values to an increasingly important group of voters — U.S. Hispanics.

As part of her quest to challenge incumbent Joe Biden by getting him to debate others who seek the 2024 Democratic nomination for U.S. president, Marianne Williamson on Dec. 15, 2023, launched all of her campaign’s Spanish-language social media.

Heading up the efforts is Carlos Osuna, who takes the role of National Latino Social Media Coordinator for the Williamson campaign, her second effort to seek support for a White House bid; Williamson ran in 2020 and gained notice in the first Democratic presidential debates, a two-night affair with a host of candidates ranging from now-Vice President Kamala Harris to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.).

“This is a crucial step in reaching the Spanish-speaking community and making Marianne more accessible to a broader audience,” Osuna said in an email to supporters distributed December 15 by the campaign. “We believe that this is a unique opportunity to bolster her campaign with the Latino vote and ultimately lead her to the Presidency in 2024.”

The Williamson social media services targeting Spanish-language voters in the U.S. are:

Instagram: @marianne2024.espanol 
TikTok: @MarWilliamsonEspanol
YouTube: Marianne Williamson en Español
Facebook: Latinos con Marianne (PAGE)


According to a Big Village presidential poll of 1,176 potential voters, Williamson attracted 14% of the Democratic interest. While Biden maintains a strong lead, it is hardly commanding. And, in key battleground states new polling shows Biden trailing former President Donald Trump by a significant basis.

Meanwhile, FiveThirtyEight, a respected political poll aggregator, shows that Williamson has only appeared in three polls, with Ipsos and Emerson College each suggesting she holds anywhere between just 2% and 5% of Democratic voters. Campaign members have shared in calls with volunteers that a lack of inclusion of individuals other than Biden on most polls is one reason for these paltry numbers compared to the Big Village polls, which they believe are more accurate.  As such, the Williamson campaign is fighting to have her name appear on the Florida primary ballot.

At present, Williamson, nor any other Democratic challenger to Biden, will appear on the ballot, as the Democratic Party of Florida has declared Biden will be the lone individual representing the party in 2024.

Thus, Williamson’s chances amount to write-in support from registered Democrats come March 2024. And, the Spanish-language outreach in Florida will need to reflect this fact, barring any unexpected ballot change.


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