ViX Ramps Up Production on Several Original Projects

ViX, the TelevisaUnivision-owned Spanish-language streaming service, has started production of 11 original series and movies just making it as products underway during the first quarter of 2023.

The new productions include the series: CASA MERAKI, POLEN, TRAVESURAS DE LA NIÑA MALA (SEASON 2), and UN BUEN DIVORCIO, as well as the films: CLUB PERFECTO, MOSCAS and NUNCA DIGAS NUNCA.

“By announcing these 11 new productions, we’re not only reaffirming our commitment to genuinely reflect the rich and diverse stories of our Hispanic community but also leading the charge in delivering the best-in-class content. Working closely with our amazing production partners and accomplished content creators and storytellers who have embraced our mission, ViX is delivering more Spanish language originally produced titles than anyone else in our first year, and we’re only getting started,” said Rodrigo Mazón, EVP & Chief Content Officer, ViX.

ViX Originals include:

CASA MERAKI (Dramedy, Series) – 
Luisa is a young financial advisor who, after closing a stressful deal, suffers a stroke and is paralyzed in one leg, leaving her unable to take care of herself. She has no option other than to go live at Casa Meraki, a home for the elderly that is owned and run by her mother, with whom she had a fallout a long time ago. Main Cast: Tiaré Escanda, Bárbara López, Enrique Singer; Gonzalo Vega Jr. Produced by: Argos Contenido Original.

EL GALLO DE ORO (Drama, Series) – This 10-episode series starring Lucero is an adaptation of the short novel by Juan Rulfo, one of the most important references of 20th century universal literature and precursor of magical realism. When a shy town crier, Dionisio Pinzón crosses paths with Bernarda, a famous fairground singer known as “La Caponera,” chance will play an important role, causing both of their fortunes to change forever. Main Cast: Lucero, José Ron and Plutarco Haza. Produced by: W Studios.

PACTO DE SANGRE (Drama, Series) – Based on the hugely successful Chilean telenovela, four friends Benjamín, Marco, Ruben and Gabriel will experience a terrible nightmare when an erotic dancer dies in a private bachelor party, leaving them with the problem of what to do with her body, as well as the guilt they will carry by keeping the accident a secret. Main Cast: Barbara de Regil, Alejandro Nones, Marco de la O, Luis Ernesto Franco, Flavio Medina, Erika de la Rosa, Tania Lizardo, Juana Arias, Aldo Gallardo Aldo Escalante y Juan Carlos Martin del Campo. Produced by: BTF Media.

POLEN (Thriller, Series) – The mysterious death of Elizabeth Lujan Zamudio, matriarch of the Lujan Zamudio family and owner of the Prestige Hotel, has created an intriguing puzzle for investigators. All the guests at her birthday celebration, especially her family, have become potential suspects. With so many motivations to kill the millionaire, the truth of her death may never be known. Main Cast: Ana Brenda Contreras, Claudia Ramírez, Tiago Correa, Claudette Maillè, Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Estefanía Villareal, Arap Bethke, Antonio Gaona y Rocio Verdejo. Produced by: 11:11 Films & TV.

SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE (DramaBioseries) – The authorized bioseries begins in 1917, in a distant town in Sinaloa, where a poor child with no future is born. A dreamer, in love and always heartbroken, never gives up being someone exceptional. The promise Pedro Infante made to his mother led him to become the biggest star of music and cinema of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, and his songs and characters went around the world. When Infante seemed to have conquered all his dreams, he met death tragically. Main Cast: Mario Morán, Ana Claudia Talancón, Vic Escorcia y Julio Bracho.  Produced by: Televisa Producciones.

TRAVESURAS DE LA NIÑA MALA – SEASON 2 (Drama, series) – In this second season of the acclaimed series, Ricardo embarks on a trip to Tokyo, eager to reunite with the “bad girl,” not expecting the excitement and disappointment which will eventually set them apart again. Encounters, disagreements, lies, and betrayal will be the journey of the protagonists, as we see them evolve in the 70s and 80s, culminating in an unexpected and emotional ending to this story of love and heartbreak. Main Cast: Macarena Achaga y Juan Pablo Di Pace. Produced by: W Studios.

UN BUEN DIVORCIO (Dramedy, Series) – In a high-stakes game of love and business, the top divorce law firm in the country is thrown into chaos when David, half of the power couple behind the firm, suddenly decides to end his marriage with Monica. But coming from a family of litigators, Monica is not one to go down without a fight! She is determined to save both her relationship and her business, bringing the couple to navigate a hilarious and heartwarming crisis. Main cast: Claudia Álvarez, Gustavo Egelhaaf, Esmeralda Pimentel. Produced by: Lemon Studios.

CLUB PERFECTO (Drama/Comedy, Film) – 
Based on a true story, Diego and Mirko, who start off as enemies, will develop a legendary friendship that will serve as the origins of a club comprised of the most eccentric students in the class that steal exams. The students will craft a complex and risky plan to achieve their goal and, while doing so, they’ll create deep relationships that will define their futures. Main Cast: Ana Layevska, Poncho Borbolla, Liz Gallardo, Hernan del Riego. Produced by: Alazraki and Edge Films.

JENNI (working title) (Drama, Biopic Film) – This biopic will showcase the life Jenni Rivera experienced up until the day of her tragic and unexpected death. JENNI shows the struggles that she overcame in her personal life and how she grew into the artist and strong woman we know and love. Main Cast: Annie Gonzalez. Produced by: Mucho Mas and De Line Pictures.

MOSCAS (Thriller, Film) – Mr. Machi is a businessman who abuses his power and position, but who suddenly finds himself in an extreme situation, when he gets a flat tire. When he opens the trunk to get the spare, he discovers a man’s disfigured corpse, wearing the pink handcuffs he uses on his lovers, triggering a desperate race to get rid of the body and find out who is behind this. Main Cast: Ernesto Alterio, Mara Bestelli, Claudio Rissi. Produced by: Morena Films.

NUNCA DIGAS NUNCA (Romantic Comedy, Film) – It is senior year for Julieta, a quirky book smart, and Alex, the popular, athletic jock, son of the school’s principal. Julieta and Alex belong to completely different social circles at school, but their lives are entangled when their parents decide to move in together. The teenagers must navigate their new family situation, and discover new feelings towards each other, trying to keep their relationship a secret. Main Cast: Regina Nava, Aquiles Casabella, Patricia Garza, Rafael Ferro. Produced by: FAM Contenidos.

Five of these original productions will exclusively premiere as soon as this year on ViX.

ViX service offers more than 75,000 hours of on-demand content, and over 100 streaming channels all in Spanish. The app is available with two access tiers, one free with ads and one premium plan with a subscription, in the U.S., Mexico, and most of Spanish-speaking Latin America, across all major mobile platforms, connected TV devices and via web on

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