Multicultural Marketing and Non-Profits: A Special Bond Focused On ROI

Houston-headquartered López Negrete Communications has created a dynamic relationship between itself and the Alzheimer’s Association. This involved a partnership with The Ad Council.  How agencies and nonprofits can better work together to share their respective stories with multicultural audiences, thus raising their fundraising goals, is a subject Alex López Negrete is proud to share.

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Keeping It Real: Hispanic Market Overview 2024 Brings Call For ‘Authenticity’

This year’s 52-page report, downloadable for free here thanks to our partners at, breaks down some of the key topics on the minds of multicultural marketing pros today. With “authenticity” the biggest buzzword of 2024, we have to ask: Are advertisers and CMOs phoning it in when it comes to seeking U.S. Latinos? Sadly, that still seems to be the case.

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