Mundo Hispano Digital Launches Latino Connected TV Offering

ATLANTA — Mundo Hispano Digital, the parent company of, has launched an advertising product, MundoNow Connect, that seeks to refine audience targeting in the wake of cookie deprecation.

The goal: to deliver more immersive advertising experiences to brands, with accurate targeting.

“As advertisers increasingly rely on first-party audience data to effectively reach their desired demographics, Hispanic first-party data emerges as a coveted asset in a post-cookie-less world,” MundoNow says. “MundoNow Connect leverages its technology and MundoNow’s rich Hispanic first-party data to match those on MundoNow’s digital platform to Connected TV platforms, creating the foundational audience which powers MundoNow Connect.”

MundoNow President/CEO Rene Alegria comments, “MundoNow Connect provides reach and scale for brands seeking Connected TV inventory against content that Latinos actually watch, rather than unwatched content with inaccurate targeting. Access to accurate, proprietary first-party audience data, and smart leveraging of new adtech will win today’s CTV race, every time. MundoNow Connect paves the way for brands to target Hispanics, specifically bilingual and bicultural Latinos, at scale and unlike ever before.”


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