Introducing a Podcast Network for the ‘Latino+’ and ‘New American Mainstream’

American businessman Sol Trujillo has served as the Chief Executive Officer of U.S. West, Orange and of Telstra. Now, he’s launching a podcast venture with U.S. Hispanic consumers as the target, and he is teaming with Rick Sanchez to get a bit more L’Attitude flowing in the on-demand audio space.

Introducing the podcast network of Agua Media, a Miami-based operation with English-speaking Hispanic audiences in the younger age groups its target audience.

And, much of what it will offer is thanks to the longtime media experience seen by Sanchez, once a ubiquitous face on Miami TV for his roles as a longtime WSVN-7 news anchor, and for his time at CNN. Sanchez and Trujillo teamed up in helping to found Cano Health, a Nasdaq-traded primary care provider that today has a $1.21 billion market capitalization.

Now, at Agua, Sanchez and Trujillo seek to deliver audiences podcasts designed to bring to life “the real Latino+ experience.”

What, exactly, is that? Initial podcasts include:

  • “Underrated” – A five-part fictional series on gamer Melinda Gutierrez, who beat the odds to make it to the top of the gaming world
  • “Los Heebie Jeebees” – A supernatural phenomenon narrative where true crime and horror come to life from the dark corners of Mexico
  • Best-selling author and activist Julissa Arce produces a podcast on the untold history of U.S. Latinos and the impact that history still has on those communities today
  • “You Are Amazing!” – A podcast that quenches the need to be uplifted through aspirational stories of success, coproduced by Agua CCO and former Oprah Winfrey Executive Producer Corny Koehl
  • “Campiones” – The real-life stories of Latino sports legends—from Valenzuela to Canelo to Ronaldo
  • “The Rick Sanchez L’Attitude!” -A trends and events show

Sanchez comments, “With a common age of 11, compared to Anglo Americans whose common age is 58, this group is turned off by a lot of the content out there because it doesn’t get who they are. Agua’s mission is to present stories through a wider perspective, keeping with the needs of this vast and young mainstream economic force.”

Agua Media will launch in partnership with talent, content management, and production company Workhouse Media, led by Paul Anderson.

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