‘Domingo de Gigantes’ Begins Sunday for CNN en Español

Starting at 7pm Eastern (6pm CDMX), viewers to CNN en Español will be offered a mix of documentary and issues-oriented talk and roundtable programming.

It is yet another sign that traditional news blocks are a struggle when it comes to attracting viewers and advertisers.

The new CNN en Español “Domingo de Gigantes,” previewed during the 2021 Upfront season, includes the shows “Mirador Mundial,” “Oppenheimer Presenta,” “En diálogo con Longobardi,” “Docufilms con María Celeste Arrarás” and “Don Francisco: Reflexiones.”

The new season of “Docufilms” starts off at 9pm; Don Francisco returns with its second season with the veteran Hispanic TV talent engaging in interviews in the 10pm hour.

“Oppenheimer Presenta” is CNN en Español’s analysis program hosted by Andrés Oppenheimer.

It is joined by “En diálogo con Longobardi,” the talk show hosted by award-winning Argentine journalist Marcelo Longobardi.

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