Mesas Moves To NYIAX For MC Sales Role

David Mesas

For nearly 14 years, David Mesas was known for his role in sales at Geoscape and, since January 2018, the marketing intelligence company based in Ohio that purchased it — Claritas.

As of January 21, Mesas is no longer with Claritas, and has accepted the position of Multicultural Director of Sales at NYIAX.

Pronounced like the Rockland County, N.Y. city of Nyack, Miami-based NYIAX “connects buyers and sellers, enabling trusted, secure and efficient transactions,” the company says. “Our automated platform is used to discover, execute and support compliance and management of advertising contracts.”

Speaking to Hispanic Market Overview, Mesas says he’ll be charged with helping advertisers and agencies access media. And, with respect to accessing Hispanic media, it involves not only Spanish-language content accessibility and an RFP but also working with media companies and publishers across the entire ad placement process.

“I’ll be collaborating with Hispanic and multicultural agencies,” Mesas says.

Mesas served as VP/Sales for Claritas, focused on market segmentation, since the Geoscape sale by founder Cesar Melgoza. He had been with Geoscape for some 12 1/2 years prior to the sale, rising to Director/Sales in 2013 after serving as a Client Advisor since joining the company in July 2005. 

Earlier in his career, Mesas was an account executive for what is today Tú 94.9 in Miami, an iHeartMedia radio station.

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