MegaTV Brings ‘CALA’ To Prime-Time

MegaTV, the Spanish Broadcasting System-owned broadcast TV network, on July 20 brings a big change to its prime-time lineup as respected journalist Ismael Cala will debut a new show, simply titled “CALA,” in the time slot that has been offering various programming since Jaime Bayly shifted to 9pm at the start of the year.

Cala’s show will be held weekdays at 10pm Eastern and will feature guests, analysis, discussions on current events, “fascinating stories,” and a forum “to put our current reality into context,” SBS says.

“It will be one hour of information, not saturation,” Cala says. “It is an intimate space where we go over what is happening currently, with an absorbing, taboo-free vision of the future. Positive journalism and entertainment in an audacious, agile, analytical, and bold combination. We want to create awareness and inject hope in a world that so desperately needs it, and to be astonished by the adventure.”

For MegaTV, this new project of televised and digital content with Cala “marks a before and after.” José R. Pérez, VP/Programming at MegaTV, explains, “Ismael has many skills in the world of entertainment that the world does not know about, and in this program they will have the chance to see and personally experience a variety show with an innovative format that captures the magic and great journalistic maturity of this veteran communicator. Having someone like CALA in our SBS/MEGA TV family is really another key piece in the solid growth of our stellar evening block of shows.”

Amer Mercado, the executive producer, added, “Working with Ismael Cala is a dream come true. It is a privilege and a huge responsibility to manage such an ambitious project in the midst of the challenge we are experiencing globally. Through the show we hope people will see and get to know Ismael in his most genuine state, and we hope to bring viewers a breath of hope in a friendly, fun and entertaining format.”

In his invitation to television viewers, Amer added, “Prepare to be surprised every night, since the playfulness, journalistic experience, sense of humor, and the genuine personality and humanity of Cala will be the best choice to go to bed in the best way.”

The show will air in the same time slot on MegaTV’s national feed as it will on WSBS-22 in Miami.

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