FeatherHeart Introduces Bridal-Themed Pieces for Canines With Official Launch of ‘Love Me. Love My Dog’ Brand


COCONUT CREEK, FL — JANUARY 7, 2011. FeatherHeart, the pioneering creator of top-quality, unique accessories, in 2010 established itself as a premier producer of one-of-a-kind designs. For 2011, FeatherHeart founder Dannielle Kukar has set her sights on building on this success by launching brand with legs — four of them, actually.

LOVE ME. LOVE MY DOG, an extension of FeatherHeart, is set to make tails wag and heads turn. With all of the flair of her renowned designs for hats, fascinators and pins, Kukar has crafted the perfect pet accessory for the “dog parent” — the fashion-minded pet lover who treats their canine companion as a beloved family member.

From beautiful bridal-themed pieces that make your pet a welcome member of the wedding party to enjoyable, fun and imaginative everyday pieces, LOVE ME. LOVE MY DOG is the brand that speaks straight from the heart.

“As an award-winning graphic designer, creativity is my life,” notes Kukar, who created FeatherHeart in January 2010 following a successful career in fashion illustration and graphic design. “It is my intent to bring style and joy to the wearer, and have them feel that this is a piece that will be part of their lives for years to come.” Now, says Kukar, the joy and style exhibited in each LOVE ME. LOVE MY DOG design can be enjoyed by stylish women and  men, and their beloved pets alike.

Kukar, recently featured on WSVN-Channel 7 in Miami’s popular Deco Drive fashion and style program, uses her design experience to create the perfect balance of color and composition in her headpieces. “I combine feathers, in their natural form or dyed, with fabrics and crystals and other materials, some recycled or repurposed,” she notes. “The results are labor-intensive gallery pieces that are 100 percent hand-crafted and versatile.

Kukar’s Coconut Creek work studio may be where inspiration is fulfilled. But it is her everyday surroundings that oftentimes provide the spark — and key ingredients — to fulfillment. “My work area will never be pristine,” she says. “I like things lying around, so they can truly inspire me, and trigger me. Palm fronds were lying on the ground all over my community. I thought they were gorgeous … and I knew I was going to do something with them.” The palm fronds are integrated into one-of-a-kind cocktail hats, presently on exhibit at the Florida Craftsmen Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Featured items including the Gia Rock Star pet barrette, along with other FeatherHeart accessories, can be found on the FeatherHeart’s Etsy.com online shop, at http://www.etsy.com/shop/featherheartdesignsFor more about Dannielle Kukar and FeatherHeart, visit http://www.featherheartdesignsbydannielle.com.

CONTACT:           PALOMA KUKAR, 954-249-1568, featherheart@comcast.net
ADAM R JACOBSON, 305-532-2928, adam@jakeadams.net

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